3 Proper Etiquette When Watching a Classical Concert

Attending different concerts is always a good thing to refresh your mind. Concerts offer a great deal of entertainment. However, there is a huge line between classical concerts and other types of concerts, such as rock concerts.

In rock concerts, you can actively get involved by singing, dancing, etc. If you are attending a classical concert for the first time, you should pay attention to the following 3 proper etiquettes;

Stay quiet.

In a classical concert, you are only required to watch and appreciate the performers only when needed. You should not whisper, talk, whistle, hum, or sing. You should ensure maximum silence on your side. This gives the performers ample time to entertain you. Temptations to join the performers in any way is not acceptable in such concerts.

Alarms off.

Most people who attend classical concerts make the mistake of not turning off their phones or alarms. This is the greatest distraction you could bring in the classical concert. They may interfere with the performance of the people on stage or interfere with the attention of the audience, including you. It is, therefore, a great idea to either leave your smartphone behind or make sure the phone is silent all through.

Avoid flash.

Depending on the organizer of the classical concert, the rules may differ. Some organizers may allow you to take photographs or videos during the concert. Other organizers will term this as a violation of copyright. You should consult to know if you are allowed to use your media devices. However, even though you are allowed to use them, make sure that your camera flash is off. This is because those flashlights are a great distraction – read an article on hangout fest outfit ideas.

This sounds so strict and boring; however, the entertainment you will get from the classical concert will be rewarding enough. Most classical concerts have the intermission period when you can stretch, use the washrooms, grab a cup of coffee, a snack, etc.

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